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Naruto-The REAL Akatsuki Naruto-The REAL Akatsuki

Rated 5 / 5 stars

... You sir...


I'd so give my soul to you like fifty times if I could! D:

This is possibly the most amazing waste of like 10 minutes ever! THE MOST AMAZING. XD

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Musical Fun With Naruto Musical Fun With Naruto

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Choppy but still so AWESOME. Love it.

Oh bah and p'shaw! Dahahah!! I friggin' love this, yo... Especially Kisame singing "It's Raining Men"... That is like the best thing... EVER.

And Neji... Oh god. Why am I so easily amused by him!

..... Okay now, well I can't be too judgy oh graphics, because I'll say this has much more going on in it than what I could manage since I myself am still learning things with flash... The art itself is rather choppy, but it works with what you made up for in things actually MOVING. XD
And it's hella entertaining~ SOYAY~♥

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